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  Our Mission

 The hardware security and trust area has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade. A multitude of approaches and methodologies have been developed by researchers in academia and industry for evaluating hardware security and trust, but the effectiveness of these methods is not universally accepted and they may be applicable to some designs, some platforms, some technologies but not to others. For these reasons, the need to develop effective trust benchmark circuits, tools, and hardware platforms is felt by the community.

Our goal in developing the original trust-HUB website was to connect researchers and provide the community with a forum to exchange ideas, benchmark circuits, platforms, tools, and resources. The new trust-HUB platform dramatically expands on all these features and provides them through two different mediums:

  1. Web-based repositories. The new trust-HUB website (www.trust-hub.org) contains all the popular Trust benchmarks and tools, hardware security platforms, and educational resources from the original site. New Trojan insertion tools, Trust and Trojan benchmarks, electrical test data from PUFs and counterfeit ICs, etc. will also be made publically available over the course of this NSF-sponsored project. Counterfeit-IC.org is a new repository dedicated to improving counterfeit IC detection based on physical inspection. It allows members to post images/stats of counterfeit defects from real ICs that have been collected from optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes and X-ray tomography instruments. The UF/FICS team has already provided hundreds of images and will add even more over the course of the project.
  2. Social networking services. Our Facebook group ‘TrustHub.org’ and Twitter feed ‘trustHUB_org’ serve as platforms through which members/followers can collaborate, disseminate information about community activities, and stay informed about updates to the repositories. New technical events, workshops, seminars, and news stories are also being added daily by the trust-HUB team and members/followers are encouraged to post comments and questions, participate in online polls tools, and share their own articles and success stories with the community.

We hope that the new trust-HUB platform is as well-received as the original and continues to synchronize research activities, increase awareness and excitement, and accelerate research and development in the domain of hardware security and trust for many years to come.


Trust-Hub Management Team:

Mark Tehranipoor, University of Florida
Domenic Forte, University of Florida
Ramesh Karri, NYU
Farinaz Koushanfar, University of California, San Diego
Miodrag Potkonjak, University of California, Los Angeles