Major contributors: Dr. Hassan Salmani (Howard University), Mark Tehranipoor (University of Florida)

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Please cite the following paper when using Trust-Hub Benchmark: 
(1) H. Salmani, M. Tehranipoor, and R. Karri, "On Design vulnerability analysis and trust benchmark development
" IEEE Int. Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), 2013.
(2) B. Shakya, T. He, H. Salmani, D. Forte, S. Bhunia, M. Tehranipoor,
“Benchmarking of Hardware Trojans and Maliciously Affected Circuits”, Journal of Hardware and Systems Security (HaSS), April 2017.

The following resources are available for download:

  • A detailed description of Trojan Taxonomy: download
  • An outline of the naming convension used for trust-hub benchmarks: download

Since a large number of trust benchmarks have been developed to cover the taxonomy, it is recommended that users search for trust benchmarks based on the Trojan characteristics they are interested in.

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