USU ECE 5930: Hardware and Physical Security

Dr. Ryan Gerdes,Electrical and Computer Engineering, Utah State University

Course description:

A senior/graduate-level course that focuses on the application of security thinking to analyse threats originating from, and solutions based on, hardware and the physical layer. Topics to be covered include hardware trojans (creation and detection); hashing and encryption (hardware implementations); side-channel attacks; physically unclonable functions (authentication and true random number generators); identi cation of devices based on physical characteristics; and (time permitting) wireless spoofing and jamming (e.g. GPS and 802.11b).

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, students are expected to be able to

  • apply fundamental security tools, processes, ideas, and thinking to the analysis and design of systems;
  • build and debug software and hardware implementations of various hashing and crypto systems;
  • explain and carryout code-injection attacks and be knowledgeable of hardware techniques to frustrate such attacks
  • make use of physical properties of devices/systems and the physical layer for such purposes
    as authentication and true random number generation; and
  • create malicious logic/hardware trojans and be familiar with their detection.