Hardware-Oriented Security and Trust

Dr. Jim Plusquellic-- Electical and Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Course description:

To investigate traditional and emerging security and trust issues in all types of hardware systems at the chip- (ASICs, COTs and FPGAs), board- and system-level

Our trek through hardware-oriented security and trust (HOST) will include

• Learning established cryptographic hardware algorithms and their implementation


• Learning about existing security primitives for systems such as smart-cards, electronic voting machines, communications systems, etc. and the types of attacks that

adversaries engage in to break them

• Exploring the recent research activity in areas such as hardware Trojans, physical

unclonable functions (PUFs), IP security, IC metering, board-level security and

hardware support of OS implemented security

• Investigating security and trust concerns in FPGAs and their applications

With the objective to make you aware of hardware system vulnerabilities and to get

you to think about ways to incorporate HOST primitives into designs, as opposed to

adding them as afterthoughts