Hardware Security

EECS Department, Case Western Reserve University

Course description:

This course begins with the keys to enabling secure, trustworthy operation of computer hardware—understanding security issues and how appropriate security measures are included during design, verification, test, and deployment. Increasingly the security primitives such as the Trusted Computing Module are being introduced at the hardware level to prevent the compromise of security in systems being deployed today. A comprehensive coverage of security issues in computer hardware is provided. Topics of embedded systems security, hardware Trojans, security in implantable medical
devices, security in RFID/NFC, protection from side channel attacks, tamper resistance and crypto processor design, trusted FPGA design/JTAG, hardware-based cryptanalysis, and hardware IP protection against piracy and reverse-engineering are covered. A course project (Can you Hack It?) that challenges students to
hack a hardware is included. (3 credit hours)