VLSI CAD Algorithms

Dr. Mohammad Tehranipoor--Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Course description:

CAD Algorithm course aimed at graduate students and serious seniors who want broad exposure to the physical design automation, optimization techniques and data structures inside modern VLSI design tools. Because of the increasingly high complexity of modern chip design, CAD tools become vital for delivering high VLSI system performance. Many of the leading edge CAD algorithms are built upon optimization techniques which will be introduced in this course. The applications of these techniques will be described through realistic VLSI CAD problems, especially VLSI physical design automation algorithms. Physical design automation related issues for the current state of the art will familiarize students with existing techniques in VLSI design. Students will understand the relationships between optimization techniques and various constraints posed by VLSI fabrication and design technology. Critical performance related parameters and their importance in CAD tools will be introduced. The key goals of this course are to prepare students for design and development of CAD tools and for research in physical design automation of VLSI systems.