Software Developed for the Trust-Hub Project

Trust-Hub aims to provide the hardware security community with a forum to exchange ideas, circuits, platforms, tools, and resources. This website is a resource for research, education, and collaboration in your science area. It hosts various resources that will help you learn about your science area, including online presentations, courses, learning modules, animations, teaching materials, and more. As part of the project, we provide a variety of software, available upon request, which analyze the impact of a hardware Trojan upon design specifications.

Available software consists of:

Software 1: Transition Probability Calculation (TPC)
This program calculates the transition probability of every net in a gate-level circuit by assuming a probability of 0.5 and 0.5 for ‘1’ and ‘0’ at primary inputs and at the scan flip-flops’ output.

Software 2: Gate Load Extraction (GLE)
This program determines load at the output of a cell in a gate-level circuit.

Software 3: Trojan-Induced Capacitance Analysis (TICA)
This program determines Trojan impact on circuit performance by measuring the capacitance induced by a Trojan gate.

Software 4: Switching Activity Analysis (SA2)
This program determines the effectiveness of a test pattern in creating switching activity in a Trojan circuit.

Software 5: Layout-level Vulnerability Analysis (L2VA)
This program extracts white spaces in a layout, and the output is used to obtain the distribution of these white spaces across the layout. In a similar manner, the distribution of cells across a layout is determined.

The software is available upon request. Please  Contact us.